Sunday 2 November 2014

Oh, the Joys of Google Docs

So, cleaning up my Google Drive  I just stumbled over a dozen pages of material I wrote for Warren's Deep. This was the OSRIC sandbox Play-by-Post game that I ran for a couple years on 2010ish).

Wow, what great memories. This was actually my first experience DMing. I made plenty of mistakes but also did some stuff I'm really proud of, like the adventure inspired by "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight". It was all heavily inspired from my readings of Grognardia and Monsters and Manuals.

In any case, here is the introduction page to the game, now preserved for prosperity...


A sandbox-style game for a group of adventurers using the OSRIC system(  Devilish knaves, weird monsters, adventures on the high-sea…

1 post per weekday required.

You are all newcomers to the large seaside city of Warren’s Deep.  You’ve come to the realization that if you work together, you’ll have a better chance of making your fortunes.  Each of you managed to root up a number of potential leads for work, so now you’re sitting around a table at “The Knobbly Dragon” having some drinks and trying to decide which path to pursue.

Character Creation
3d6 in-order abilities scores.
Random height and weight generation encouraged(see OSRIC optional rule).

House Rules
Weapon proficiencies and double proficiencies allowed as per optional OSRIC rules.

The rule for firing into a melee that the target is randomly determined can be avoided if the shooter has a clear line of fire and is firing from fairly close range.

Some Rumors
  1. A merchant ship working the coast is looking to hire some extra protection due to recent Pirate attacks.
  2. A merchant caravan wants to hire an escort going East(inland).
  3. The Mayor occasionally hires mercenaries for tasks he doesn’t want associated with himself.
  4. There are unconfirmed rumors of monsters spotted near the village of Old End a week’s travel to the east.
  5. The young son of Lord Carymire in the neighboring fiefdom of Dappershire has gone missing.  The lord has offered 100 gold for information leading to his rescue or 400 for his return.
  6. There is an old ruined fortress on a small island just off the coast of the seaside village of Smarmytown.  Rumor has it that a humongous pearl lies there, but that none who have sought it have ever returned.
  7. The Monks of Gorulund have put out a call for a group of adventurers to embark on a unknown task.
  8. City Watch, offering info to solve funny business on the docks.
  9. Rumor has it that Lord Derivas, whose fiefdom lies just outside the city, is vying to raise his influence in the city and is seeking allies.

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