Thursday 16 January 2014

Unarmed Combat for "Kill, Cyborgs! Kill!"

Okay, let's tackle this little topic.  I need an unarmed combat system for Kill, Cyborgs Kill!, the cyber-horror adventure I'm working on. Here are some of the desired attributes of said system:


There are several unarmed combat techniques characters can use:
  • Punch: 1d4 damage
  • Kick: 1d6 damage
  • Grapple: hold your opponent, restraining him from using large weapons, moving.
  • Escape Grapple: escape a grapple
  • Throw(only from grapple): 1d8 damage, opponent is prone, still grappled
  • Choke Hold(only from grapple): puts opponent to sleep. Each additional round the choke is held, must save or die
  • Joint Lock(only from grapple): 1d8 dmg
  • Neck Lock(only from grapple): paralyzed. Fort save or die.
  • Eye Gouge: blindness till end of combat. Fort save or permanent.
  • Groin Shot: stunned till end of combat. Fort save or permanent damage.


The skill check is done as an Opposed Skill Check(see Skills section), with the attacker and his opponent each rolling and comparing their rolls.

Example: The ninja attempts to punch Detective Hobbs. The ninja rolls 1d20+DEX bonus+Ninjitsu skill vs. the Detective’s 1d20+DEX+Brawling skill.

Example: Detective Hobbs attempts to grapple a junkie, who has no relevant skill. The Detective rolls 1d20+DEX bonus+Brawling skill vs. the Junkie’s 1d20+DEX.

Death & Dismemberment Chart for Unarmed Combat

This is a different chart for non-lethal damage such as from punches, kicks, throws, and joint locks(if a PC punches with brass-knuckles, throws an opponent's onto a concrete floor, or curb-stomps a prone opponent’s head then that is normal armed damage and should use the normal chart.) Upon taking unarmed damage which leaves a character with 0 or fewer HP, roll 1d10 + the number of negative hitpoints the character has.

  • 1-6 Lightly Stunned: character misses next turn
  • 7-14 Stunned: character is not killed, but is useless for the rest of the combat
  • 15+ Killed: blunt force trauma, internal bleeding, etc.

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