Friday 3 January 2014

Meet Cuthwulf the Larger

I haven't made many posts for the past month because I've been going to a lot of job interviews, making-up work hours, and just generally mentally holding my breath from anything that isn't computer programming. Having now happily given 30 day notice before my new job in Ramat Gan, I can hopefully get back into the stride of blogging. So, let's start-off nice and easy...

We are playing Pendragon! Meet Cuthwulf the Larger, a Saxon squire from Cumbria. Though 15 years of age, he often plays himself off as being older due to his huge build, huge beard, and worldly mannerisms. Daddy has money, so he's well equipped, his his best horse being a charger named Framgar and an attendant Octa. Cuthwulf is an Arbitrary and chaotic person, who loves gambling, gaming, and the great axe.

Well for the first session, Cuthwulf and his two companions participated in a provincial tournament. The training session, where Cuthwulf got knocked-off his horse by a sandbag, set the tone for the event. Cuthy lost a horse race and was eliminated first from the jousting tournament. That said, he's looking forward to showing his valour in the quest to slay a man-eating critter(possibly a squirrel) that has been terrorizing the local farmers. Perhaps then he will achieve renown and win the hearts of all the ladies in the court...

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