Sunday 17 February 2013

New Tilia: Session 3

Session 3 was played over Google+, similar to Session 2, but things went more smoothly in that most of the players were on-line at the same time.  It did take about 45 minutes from when the game was called until people started signing on, but that at least gave my wife and I a chance to get-into a game of Settlers of Catan(she was whupping me at that point).

The Roster

  • Sir Blathers A Lot- Elf Noble 
  • "The Trapper"- Elf Gamekeeper who leaves a trail of traps and snares wherever he goes 
  • Maria- Dwarf Mercenary 
  • "Drugs" the Dwarf Pharmacist 
  • Frizband the Fabulous- Wizard's Apprentice 
  • Grim- Dwarf Pit Fighter 

Old Men and Robot Pieces

Following a robot, which had "collected" their Pit-Fighter Grim, the party arrived at a large House on the Badlands, a castle-like place built on a raised area, surrounded by the remains of a stone wall-enclosed garden.  To the South of the wall is a deep declivity.  The party decided to ambush the robot as soon as it granted them ingress to the House.  The robot surprised them, however, when, instead of using the front door, it began to climb the tower with it's many legs.  Deciding the time had come to act, one of the Elves speared the thing and the pit-fighter himself freed his hand and smashed it to bits(rolling up some ridiculous amount of damage thanks to ballooning damage).  In its dying beeps, Frizband was able to catch a comment about "The Mother Brain" but not much else.

Grim and Sir Blathers a lot decided to climb the tower themselves in order to stealthily enter the place.  They were surprised to see a man peek over the edge and begin threatening them with a strange stick-weapon.

Blathers charmed the madman with his winning personality, and was allowed to safely climb-up to the parapet of the tower.  He was met by a well dressed noble Bretonian, in his 60s, holding a rifle and suffering from severe paranoia and lack of sleep.  He introduced himself as John and said he lives in the house with his sister Mary.  The party eventually calmed him down and gained entry with promises of "good tea".   However he was unwilling to leave his post on the parapet unless party members took his place, pointing at a large bird and insisting, "even now they are watching us" and that "we all know what will happen if they make it in here."  (One of the far-sighted elves was able to see that it was some sort of winged humanoid.)

The man's elderly sister had none of his paranoia and was welcoming to the guests.  "Drugs" put him to sleep with a spiked tea and his sister had a couple party members put him to bed.  A robot appeared from the cellar and brought her "food" to prepare and then returned from whence it had came.

Meanwhile, the pair in the watchtower saw someone sneak into the declivity to the South.

Defending the House on the Badlands

The party prepared for a fight that night, with "The Trapper" in the tower, Frizband and "Drugs" watching the back-door, and the fighters at the front-door.  And they got a fight indeed, from a beastman and his gang of mutants.

Two of the mutants went for the front-door while the Beastman and two others took the back, and a winged mutant swooped-down on the Elf in the tower.  The battle was fiercest at the back-door, the door being forced open despite the barricade of furniture the PCs laid down.  But the party eventually repelled the invaders, killing the Beastigor and 3 mutants, while the other 2 escaped into the night, their only significant injury being a crossbow bolt Frizband took to the head.

During the battle a robot brought a metal box to Maria, which Grim figured out was an extra cartridge for John's rifle.  Frizband actually discharged the rifle during the battle, sending a bolt of energy streaking into the wall.

Anyway, once again the GM was disappointed at how well the PCs handled everything he threw at them.

Oh and I suppose you can all guess which William Hope Hodgson novella I read recently.

Oh, and guys, you all get 100XP--well done!

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