Thursday 16 June 2011

Polish Resistance: Rules

As I mentioned before, the All Zombie on the Eastern Front: Polish Resistance game I'm running was inspired by one of noism's posts about a game he was running. I'd like to make a few posts about the Cyberpunk 2020 house-rules I'm using for the game.

In general, the move from the Cyberpunk future to the 1940's Eastern Europe involved a reduction of rules:
  • I dropped the character class system since most of the classes don't make sense in this setting(anyway, the classes are mostly just extensions of the skill-system)
  • A few skills are no longer relevant
  • Cyberware is no longer relevant
I was quite pleased with the result, since it made the highly complex Cyberpunk rules much more focused and concise. I also made a few minor tweaks to simplify the rules even more, like a fixed movement rate for PCs.

I'm going to try and make a few posts in the near future with more details about the house rules.

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