Saturday 19 April 2014

A Narrow Escape: WFRP Empire Campaign Session 21

Session 21 was a bit rough--up late on G+ with a cold and killer sore throat. I don't think I followed all the details, but here's what happened in brief:

Seigwart and his Tunnel-Worshiping Dwarven friend indeed found a secret door to a subterranean tunnel complex in the Basement of the Doctor's roomy Manse, but how can they quickly get the rest of the party away from dinner and downstairs without alerting the guards(a few inside the Manse and many more congregating outside). Siegwart went for the old "Doctor, Doctor! The Dumb Dwarf Fell Down the Cellar Stairs and he Can't Get Up" ploy and the party quickly excused themselves to check on their companion. The Doctor knew something was up, but the party managed to crowd into the cellar and bolt the door behind them before weapons were drawn.

Then it was off through a maze of tunnels. We ended up meeting the local peasants' resistance. Seigwart gave a rather expensive looking potion bottle he had pinched to "Drugs'" inspection. Upon opening it, the alchemist was attacked by a tentacle of concentrated Warp-Stone. With the party unable to contain the tentacle, Sigyn telepathically convinced her chaos-powered sword to absorb the tentacle's power, which will presumably have some yet-to-be-observed effect.

The resistance agreed to lead us in to a secret entrance into Castle Von Wittgenstein, but on the way, the party ran into a patrol and they just couldn't overcome the temptation to ambush them. Much blood was shed, and we ended the session there...

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