Thursday 12 December 2013

Cyber-Mods for Kill, Cyborgs! Kill!

 Oh, boy. You know when you've put a lot of time into a project and you just need like a few good hours of no distractions to go over everything and you'll have a completed first draft? And those few good hours just aren't happening? (I haven't had time to blog lately, much less edit/complete an adventure module)

Anyway, that's sort of where I'm at with KCK. But I still haven't stat-ed up the PC cybermods, so let's make it happen. The system, is old school DnD, with slight modifications for a Cyberpunk setting.

Note that this is a first draft, so ideas are welcome.

  • Reflex Boost
    • Dex is increased by 1d6+3 points for 5 minutes. Cannot be used again until character has rested for at least 1 hour.
    • Side Effect: whenever characters smells a strong smell they make a willpower save. Failure means that they will do their best to ingest the source of the smell as fast as possible(gaining the Dex bonus until it is ingested). If they are restrained and cannot ingest the object, they will fall into a severe lethargy, being unable to do anything for 4d6 hours.
  • Neural Augmentation
    • Int is increased by 1d6+3 points, permanently.
    • Side Effect: character has difficulty relating to people. Cha is reduced by the same amount.
  • Pain Editor
    • Cannot feel pain at all. If incapacitated, due to injury, make an additional Fortitude save. Success means character is not incapacitated.
  • Olfactory Boost
    • Character has an excellent sense of smell and gets a +2 bonus to not be surprised, as well as a bonus to tracking and other relevant skill checks.
    • Powerful smells require a fortitude save to prevent dizziness, vomiting, difficulty breathing, etc.
  • Microwaver Implant
    • Short range ray mounted in chest.
    • 1d6 burn damage. Roll 1d6 for each piecor of electronic equipment(including cyberware) to see how it malfunctions
      • 1-3 no effect
      • 4- don't work for 1d10 rounds
      • 5- activates erratically
      • 6- completely fried
  • Micro Missile Launcher
    • Mounted in shoulder. Cavity opens and a missile missile protrudes and fires, guided by eye movement tracking.
    • Holds a single missile. +4 to hit. 1d8 damage per HD of target.
    • Reloaded manually
  • Backscatter X-Ray Eye
    • 10m range. Spot hidden weapons, cyber-mods, etc. See what's on the other side of thing walls.
    • +4 Bonus to search for hidden objects.
    • -1 to initiative due to tendency for eyes to wander
  • DataTerm Link
    • Port in back of neck. Neural computer interface.
    • +4 to hacking checks and other complex computer interactions.
    • Internal disk for storing downloaded data.
  • Sub-Dermal Micro-Recorder
    • Audio recorder implant.
    • Electromagnetic cloaking fools metal detectors.
  • Contraceptive Implant
    • Activated/Deactivated via voice recognition of pre-programmed keywords(have fun choosing your own!)
  • Storage Space
    • A small compartment, opened and closed via voice recognition of the pass-code. What does it contain?

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