Tuesday 21 May 2013

Surfers of the Apocalypse!

I found this jewel of a clip on YouTube.  I think it would make a great intro for a Cyberpunk 2020-rules game.

Potential Adventuring Party?

Surfers of the Apocalypse!

It's an overcast winter morning in Newport Beach, California, 2013.  You and a few buddies are out surfing, as you usually are at this hour, when the aliens invade.  I'm picturing like an apocalyptic survival game, somewhere between Point Break, Independence Day, and Attack the Block.  It's a sandbox so it's up to the players if they try to:

  1. conduct guerilla warfare on the aliens
  2. try to unite what remains of humanity for an all out counter attack
  3. just try to survive
  4. some other option I haven't thought of(as they always do...)

Some potential adventuring locales include:

  • Sea World in San Diego, where the survivors of Camp Pendleton regrouped
  • Survivalist Camp at Big Bear Lake
  • Catalina Island
  • JPL
  • John Wayne Airport
  • Remains of LA(maybe an NPC Zak Smith will be there, looking like Bruce Campbell, leading the resistance with an NPC Christian as a paranormal investigator)

In any case, I'd probably keep it short: 1-3 sessions. Maybe I'll run it on G+ sometime...

Anyway here's one last one to set the tone...


  1. I freaking love that video. I've surfed that spot probably 1,000 times. So awesome to see it in flames. :)

    1. Cool. Oh and you have the surfing profile picture--nice!