Sunday 19 May 2013

1e Anchorite

Border Princes' Archorite Career is a mystic ascetic hermit who lives in the badlands in a cave or on a rock.  Since Border Princes is a WFRP 2e product, here is a the Anchorite modified for WFRP 1e.

Career: Anchorite
Career Class: Ranger


Advances were pretty simple to calculate. 2e's +5% becomes +1 or +10% and 2e's 10% becomes +2 or +20%.  I also added advances in I and CL due to skills that don't exist in 1e(see Skills section below).

BS: +10%
S: +1
T: +2
I: +10%
AG: +20%
CL: +10%
WP: +20%
W: +2


  • Concealment Rural
  • Fish, Set Trap(instead of 2e Outdoor Survival)
  • Scale Sheer Surface
  • Silent Move Rural
  • Flee!
  • Hardy(instead of 2e Very Resilient)
  • Immunity to Poison

Skills left out:

  • Perception(No comparable skill in 1e, instead gave I: +10%),
  • Rover(No comparable skill in 1e)
  • Stout-Hearted(No comparable skill in 1e, instead gave Cl: +10%)

Trappings: None
Career Entries: None
Career Exits: Badlander, Mystic, Outlaw, Swamp Skimmer, Vagabond

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