Monday, 16 July 2012

Chief Quartermaster Ltn. Yuri Leonov

Following last session where the party met Chief Quartermaster Ltn. Yuri Leonov, next session, the officer will make the party the following offer:

The party can give-in equipment for credit(in Rubles):
  • Russian arms for 80% of value
  • German/Polish arms for 40% of value
Likewise, they can buy equipment from him with the credit.  The chance of him having a particular item from the list on a given day are:
  • Russian-made 90%
  • German-made 50%
  • Polish-made 10%
  • Heavy-equipment on a case-per-case basis
Similarly, the party can redeem their credit for cash(Rubles) at a rate of 50% it's value.

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