Wednesday 18 May 2016

Welcome to Klaatu

Here's another system description for Star Wars 2020.

Klaatu is a star system in Airam Sector. Most of the planet's activity is around Klaatu III and it's moon.

Klaatu III's moon is the location of a Nharwaak mining colony. The primary locations in this system are:

  1. Customs Platform- a platform orbiting Klaatu III. Visiting ships must check in at the customs office.
  2. Low-Grav Refinery- a space station orbiting Klaatu III. It's a low-gravity metal refinery where mined ores are processed.
  3. Deep Core Bore- a deep bore mine near the moon's core. Mines heavy metals.
  4. The Rift- metal mine in seismic crack in the moon's surface
  5. Nharwaak Colony- small space port, residential, commercial area
  6. Garrison Camp- Nharwaak garrison's camp

A mining colony of the Nharwaaks. The Nharwaaks are from the Myloc system, also in Airam Sector, but are of Zygerrian ancestry.

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